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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Selecting Parts Materials in Precision Machining?

Jul. 13, 2021

Choosing the material to be used from a variety of materials is a task restricted by many factors. Therefore, how to choose the material of a part is an important part of part design. The principle of Exactness CNC Bending Service Supplier's selection of precision machining materials is: the required materials should meet the requirements of the parts and have good manufacturability and economy.





The use requirements of mechanical parts processing are expressed as the following points:


Exactness CNC Machining

Exactness CNC Machining

1) The working conditions and loading conditions of the parts and the requirements for avoiding corresponding failure modes.

The working condition refers to the environmental characteristics of the parts, the working temperature and the degree of friction and wear. For parts that work in hot and humid environments or corrosive media, the materials should have good rust and corrosion resistance. In this case, stainless steel, copper alloy, etc. can be considered first. The influence of working temperature on material selection mainly has two aspects: on the one hand, it is necessary to consider that the linear expansion coefficients of the two parts that cooperate with each other should not be too different, so as to avoid excessive thermal stress or loosening of the fit when the temperature changes; on the other hand, On the other hand, we should also consider the change of the material's mechanical properties with temperature. For parts that work under sliding friction, to increase their surface hardness to enhance wear resistance, you should choose quenched steel, carburized steel, nitride steel and other varieties suitable for surface treatment or choose good anti-friction and wear resistance properties Material.

The load condition refers to the size and nature of the load and stress on the part. In principle, brittle materials are only suitable for manufacturing parts that work under static load; in the case of impact, plastic materials should be used as the main materials; for parts with large contact stress on the surface, surface treatment should be selected Material, such as case-hardened steel; for parts subject to strain stress, fatigue-resistant materials should be selected; for parts subject to impact load, materials with higher impact toughness should be selected; for those whose size depends on strength but the size and quality are limited For parts, materials with higher strength should be selected; for parts whose size depends on stiffness, materials with larger elastic modulus should be selected.

2) Restrictions on the machining size and quality of CNC parts.

The size and quality of the parts are related to the type of material and the manufacturing method of the blank. When producing casting blanks, it is generally not restricted by size and quality; when producing forging blanks, attention should be paid to the production capacity of forging machinery and equipment. In addition, the size and quality of CNC parts are also related to the strength-to-weight ratio of the material. Materials with a large strength-to-weight ratio should be selected as much as possible in order to reduce the size and quality of the parts.

3) The importance of parts in the whole machine and components.

4) Other special requirements.

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