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What are the Factors That Affect Machining Hardness?

Sep. 27, 2021

Machining refers to the process of changing the shape or performance of the workpiece through a kind of mechanical equipment. According to the different processing methods, it can be divided into cutting processing and pressure processing. What are the factors that affect machining hardness? As an Exactness CNC Bending Service Supplier, share it with you.

is affected by the processing material. The raw material of the product is an important factor that directly affects the hardness of the part. When the user selects the processing material, the hardness of the part is basically determined. If the hardness of the processed material is relatively small, the plasticity will be relatively large. Before parts are processed, engineering and technical personnel of both parties are generally required to conduct docking and communication.

Exactness CNC Machining

Exactness CNC Machining

comes from the influence of the shape of the tool. To realize the conversion of blanks into parts, machining tools are indispensable. The rake angle, cutting edge fillet and the wear of the tool blade face will have a great impact on the hardened layer of the part surface; the hardness and hardness of the part surface Depth will also increase as the rake angle of the tool decreases, the cutting edge and the back wear.

The influence of cutting amount, the change of feed amount and cutting speed will also affect the hardness of parts during machining. When the economic speed of the tool increases, the surface hardness also increases. If the cutting speed of the tool increases, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece surrounding the part will be shortened, the probability of plastic deformation will also decrease, and the hard layer and hardness will also decrease. Our company also has Exactness CNC Machining on sale, welcome to contact us.

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