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What is the Spray Painting Process of Sheet Metal Processing Technology Workpieces?

Aug. 04, 2021

When the workpiece needs to be sprayed after assembly, it is necessary to protect the teeth or part of the conductive holes. Soft glue sticks or screws can be inserted into the tooth holes, and high temperature tape should be used for conductive protection. A large number of positioning tools should be carried out to locate and protect the workpiece so that it will not spray into the workpiece during spraying. The visible nut (flanging) hole on the outer surface of the workpiece should be protected by screws to avoid tooth back after spraying. As a Sheet Metal CNC Stamping Processing Supplier, share it with you.

Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping

Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping

Some large quantities of workpieces are also protected by tooling; when the workpieces are not assembled and sprayed, the unsprayed area should be blocked with high temperature resistant tape or paper, and some exposed nut (stud) holes are protected by screws or high temperature resistant rubber. If the workpiece is sprayed on both sides, use the same method to protect the nut (stud) hole; small workpieces are sprayed with lead wire or paper clips; some workpieces have higher requirements on the surface and should be scratched before spraying. Some workpieces are protected by special high-temperature stickers at the grounding symbol. When spraying, first hang the workpiece on the production line, and blow off the dust sticking to the surface with a gas pipe. Enter the spraying area for spraying, after spraying, enter the drying area along the assembly line, and finally remove the sprayed workpiece from the assembly line. There are also manual spraying and automatic spraying, so the tools used are different.

After spraying, enter the assembly process. Before assembling, tear off the protective sticker used when spraying, and make sure that there is no paint or powder on the threaded holes of the parts. During the whole process, wear gloves to prevent dust from adhering to the workpiece. Some workpieces should be blown clean with an air gun. After assembly, enter the packaging process. After inspection, the workpiece is packed in a special packaging bag for protection. Some workpieces without special packaging are packaged with bubble film. Before packaging, cut the bubble film into a size that can package the workpiece, so as not to affect the processing speed during packaging; special carton or bubble bag, rubber mat, pallet, wooden box, etc. Can be customized in large quantities. After packaging, put it into the carton, and then paste the corresponding finished or semi-finished product label on the carton.

In addition to the strict requirements in the production process, the quality of sheet metal parts needs to be independently inspected outside of production. First, check the dimensions strictly in accordance with the drawings; second, strictly check the appearance quality, repair or scrap the unqualified dimensions; the appearance is not allowed to have scratches, and check the color difference, corrosion resistance and adhesion after spraying. In this way, errors in the development plan, bad habits in the manufacturing process, and errors in the manufacturing process can be found.

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