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What are the Precautions for Laser Cutting Different Plates in Sheet Metal Processing?

Mar. 17, 2021

As a Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping Supplier, share it with you.

Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping

Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping

1. Stainless steel cutting

Laser cutting of stainless steel metal processing plates usually uses nitrogen gas to guard against oxidation and has no burr edges. It can almost be welded directly without post-processing punishment. According to the characteristics of stainless steel materials, it can accelerate the fluidity of the liquid and make the cutting efficiency higher and faster. The result of cutting with oxygen is probably worse than that of nitrogen, causing the end face to be black and uneven.

2. Carbon steel cutting

When laser cutting carbon steel in sheet metal processing, it usually receives oxygen to get better results. While using oxygen to respond to sound and heat to increase the cutting efficiency in a large format, the oxide film produced by the incubation will also increase the beam spectrum extraction factor of the reflected material. When using oxygen processing, there is a problem that the edges may be slightly oxidized. If users with stricter requirements can use nitrogen for high-pressure cutting, it is also possible to paint the appearance of the workpiece to achieve better cutting results.

3. Aluminum cutting

Aluminum is a highly reflective material in metal processing quality. It has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity. In recent years, many manufacturers’ laser cutting machines have decided to install "anti-reflection devices" to comply with aluminum laser cutting. The use of laser cutting opportunities without "anti-reflection devices" has caused damage to their optical components. At the same time, according to the power difference of the configuration, the thickness of the cut aluminum material is also different. Generally speaking, the thickness of cutting stainless steel and carbon steel in the same configuration is thicker than that of high anti-materials such as aluminum. Aluminum is also more suitable for cutting with nitrogen, and the cutting results are good and the end surface is smoother.

4. Copper and brass cutting

Like aluminum, copper and brass are highly reflective materials and must be cut using a laser cutting machine with an "anti-reflection device". Brass with a thickness of 1mm or less can be cut with nitrogen; copper with a thickness of 2mm or less can be cut.

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