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What are the Methods and Characteristics of Mechanical Sheet Metal Processing?

Jul. 21, 2021

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1. Analysis of the method of mechanical sheet metal processing

There are various sheet metal processing methods, which are very common in the application of continuous blanking. This processing method can be divided into multi-directional processing and unidirectional processing. Among them, the multi-cutting method is to process large metals in layers. When processing multiple stacked metal parts in one direction, the mechanical angles and functions set in this way are also different, which can achieve diversified processing effects. In the application of single stamping in sheet metal processing, it can effectively realize the processing of the metal distributed in the arc and the pinhole, effectively complete the separation of the metal structure, and ensure the forming of the metal product.

Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping

Small Batch Sheet Metal Stamping

In addition, in the application of single and multiple continuous processing methods in sheet metal processing, the application of CNC machine tools can combine mold selection requirements to process metal parts and implement one-time stretching settings to obtain metal parts that match the mold. On the other hand, in the subsequent finishing method, it is the application method of polishing and finishing metal parts in the post-processing, and the effect of precise positioning and fine polishing is relatively good. There is also the application of array forming, that is, the application of CNC machine tools, which can be mass-produced and effectively achieve the goal of rapid processing of sheet metal products.

2. Features of mechanical sheet metal processing

The characteristics of sheet metal processing are distinct, the use of CNC machine tools is convenient, and the processing can effectively reduce the cost. With the application of CNC machine tools, processing can be more convenient, and the given drawings can be combined effectively to achieve the forming and processing of the target metal. CNC machine tool sheet metal processing can greatly reduce processing time and improve overall processing efficiency. It can ensure the quality of the product, effectively improve the processing accuracy, and minimize the defect rate. In the automated processing of sheet metal machinery, through homogenization and the same batch processing, the quality can be effectively balanced and the manual screening procedure can be greatly simplified. Sheet metal automatic processing can combine industrial technology with modern computer technology to improve the modernization of processing.

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