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How Many Ways are There to Obtain The Dimensional Accuracy of the Workpiece in Machining?

Oct. 22, 2021

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Machining refers to the process of changing the shape or performance of the workpiece through a kind of mechanical equipment. According to the different processing methods, it can be divided into cutting processing and pressure processing. How does the machining obtain the accuracy of the workpiece size?

Small Batch CNC Milling

Small Batch CNC Milling

First, try cutting method. It is to first test cut the machined surface, then measure the size of the test cut, and then according to the processing requirements, the position of the cutting edge relative to the workpiece, and then try cutting and measuring, so after two or three trial cuttings and measurements, and then cutting the machined surface , In this way, after two or three times of cutting and measurement, it can be processed into finished products. Use the method of "trial cutting-measurement-adjustment-retry cutting" to cut repeatedly until the required dimensional accuracy is achieved.

The test method can obtain high accuracy and does not require complicated instruments, but this method is time-consuming (requires multiple adjustments, trial cuts, measurements, calculations), low efficiency, and depends on the technical level of the workers and sophisticated measuring instruments. Moreover, the quality is unstable and can only be used for single, small batch production. It is a trial processing method, which is based on the processed parts, processing another matching workpiece, or combining two (or more) workpieces together for processing.

Second, the adjustment method. The relative positions of machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools, and workpieces use sample or standard parts in advance to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Because the size has been adjusted in advance, after processing, there is no need to try cutting again, the size is automatically obtained, and it remains the same during the processing of a batch of parts. This is an adjustment method.

Cutting on the machine tool according to the dial feed is also a kind of adjustment method. This method first requires a trial cut method to determine the scale on the dial. In large-scale production, the cutter device is mostly adjusted by fixed-range stoppers, prototypes, and prototypes. Compared with the trial cutting method, the adjustment method has more stable processing accuracy and higher productivity. It does not require high machine tool operators, but has higher requirements for machine tool adjustment workers. It is often used in mass production and mass production.

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