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​What Causes the Deformation of CNC Machining Parts?

May. 21, 2021

As a Small Batch Exactness Cnc Milling Supplier, share with you. In the process of CNC machining, the deformation of the workpiece is very common. If the accuracy is not enough, secondary processing can be carried out, but the deformation of the processed part must be rebuilt. The deformation of the processed part is a more difficult problem. A good solution is to prevent the deformation of the CNC processed part from the root cause. So what causes the deformation of CNC machined parts?

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1. The influence of the material and structure of the workpiece on the deformation of the workpiece

The amount of deformation and the complexity of the shape, length and width are proportional to the wall thickness, and proportional to the rigidity and stability of the material. Generally, the influence of these factors on the deformation of the workpiece should be reduced when designing parts. Especially in the structure of some larger parts, the structure needs to be reasonable. In the process of machining, it is necessary to control the hardness and looseness of the blank to ensure the quality of the blank and reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

2.The deformation caused by the processing of the workpiece

In the cutting process, due to the cutting force, the workpiece will produce elastic deformation in the direction of the force, which is the phenomenon of letting the knife. For similar deformations, corresponding measures can be taken on the tool, and the tool must be sharp during finishing. On the one hand, it can reduce the resistance caused by the friction between the tool and the workpiece, and on the other hand, it can improve the heat dissipation of the tool when cutting the workpiece. Ability to reduce the residual internal stress on the workpiece.

The heat generated by the friction between the tool and the workpiece will also deform the workpiece, so high-speed cutting is generally selected. In this kind of processing, since the chips are removed in a short time, most of the cutting heat is taken away by the chips, which can effectively reduce the deformation.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the parts, a reasonable amount of cutting must be used during the machining process. When processing thin-walled parts with high precision requirements, symmetrical processing is generally adopted to balance the stresses on the opposite sides to a stable state, and the workpiece is smooth after processing.

3. Deformation caused by workpiece clamping

When the workpiece is clamped, it is necessary to select the correct clamping point and select the appropriate clamping force at this position. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the clamping point and the support point consistent, so that the clamping force acts on the support, the clamping point should be as close as possible to the processing surface, and the position where the force is not easy to cause clamping deformation.

When there are clamping forces in several directions on the workpiece, the order of the clamping forces is required. The clamping force should be applied first to make the workpiece contact the support. It is not easy to be too large. For the main clamping force to balance the cutting force, Should be the last role.

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