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What are the Factors that Affect the Machining Accuracy of Parts Machining Technology?

Mar. 02, 2021

As an Exactness CNC Cutting Metal Processing Supplier, let me share with you.

The machining process is the process of processing the parts according to the drawings. There are more than one machining processes. For the precision machining of aluminum parts, there will be a variety of machining processes. This requires the processor to analyze the processing technology of each god. After the advantages and disadvantages, a suitable processing technology is selected comprehensively. A reasonable processing technology can improve the roughness, accuracy and service life of the parts, and it is also the key to improving the qualified rate of parts processing.

Exactness CNC Cutting Metal Processing

Exactness CNC Cutting Metal Processing

The machining accuracy not only reflects the geometric dimensional accuracy of the part, but also the form and position error of the part. There are also higher requirements for tool installation and fixture holders. After the parts are processed, the parts are compared with the parts drawings. If there is an error, it reflects whether the machining accuracy is accurate. For tolerances, the tolerance value is inversely proportional to the machining accuracy, and the larger the tolerance The smaller the processing accuracy, the smaller the tolerance, the higher the processing accuracy. It is difficult to ensure that the processing size is consistent with the drawing size during the actual processing. However, as long as the actual size of the aluminum parts is within the allowable range of error, the size is considered Qualified, can ensure that the performance parameters of the parts are further put into practical application.

Machining is definitely inseparable from machine tool equipment. The processing of raw materials is controlled by machine tools. Over time, the processing of raw materials will change the performance of the machine tool, which will further affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool. The first is the guide error of the machine tool. The guide error of the machine tool mainly causes the parts to move in the direction sensitive to the machine tool error, resulting in straightness and flatness errors on the surface of the machined parts. Then there is the machine spindle rotation error. The machine spindle has shifted during the rotation process. The original spindle centerline causes coaxiality and roundness errors on the cylindrical surface of the processed part. Hardware precision machining is the final transmission chain error of the machine tool. The position of the machine tool will change during the movement of the part, and the error of the part displacement will cause the position of the hole on the surface of the machined part, as well as some auxiliary structures. Degree error.

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